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Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that affects the central nervous system. It is characterized by recurrent seizures, which can range from brief episodes of staring to convulsions involving repeated jerking movements.


The causes of epilepsy can vary and may be unknown in some cases. Some possible causes include:

  • Genetic factors
  • Brain injury or trauma
  • Infections such as meningitis or encephalitis
  • Developmental disorders such as autism or cerebral palsy
  • Stroke or other vascular diseases


The main symptom of epilepsy is seizures, which can take many forms. Some common types of seizures include:

  • Absence seizures: brief episodes of staring or loss of awareness
  • Tonic-clonic seizures: convulsions involving repeated jerking movements
  • Partial seizures: seizures that affect only one part of the brain, leading to symptoms such as twitching, numbness, or tingling

In addition to seizures, people with epilepsy may also experience other symptoms such as confusion, memory problems, and mood changes.


The treatment of epilepsy typically involves medications called antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) that help prevent seizures. In some cases, surgery may be recommended to remove the part of the brain responsible for seizures.

Lifestyle modifications such as getting enough sleep, avoiding triggers such as flashing lights or certain foods, and reducing stress can also be helpful in managing epilepsy.

Qualifying Conditions For Medical Marijuana Card in Queens, New York

The process of obtaining a Medical Cannabis Card in Queens, New York for medicinal cannabis in New York has become easier in recent years. Unlike in the past, individuals no longer require any qualifying conditions to obtain certification from a state-licensed medical marijuana doctor.

Previously, only those with certain conditions were eligible for medical marijuana in NY, including ALS, cancer, chronic pain, epilepsy, HIV/AIDS, IBD, multiple sclerosis, PTSD, and Parkinson’s disease.

To stay up-to-date on how to qualify for medical marijuana in NY, it’s important to refer to the official New York State (NYS) Office of Cannabis Management website. Our focus is on providing accurate information about the qualifying conditions and requirements for MMJ in the Empire State, so that individuals can make informed decisions about their health.

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